Monday, 21 November 2011

Important factors to be considered for webdesign

For designing the website you need good attention for each and every thing which ensures the site performs optimally for the purpose you needed the website. Here we have listed some important factors to be considered for the site to perform well in the environment

1. Using Audio and Video on the main page.

If your customer, client or visitor is going to spend long time long time on your website to purchase or reader whatever may be the reason you deserve them to be on your site the video and audio embedded on your site may annoy them which leads to leaving your site. But some sites surely need some audio or video file to be embedded in such cases give them the control of the player such as volume, mute, stop, etc…
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2. Finding products or services

Let the design be simple and clear by which the user can go to the desired page of your site in a single mouse click. This is almost not possible for sites with many WebPages hosted in such cases you can use search boxes which would easy get to their desired page with 2 or 3 mouse clicks. Don’t use multi drop down menus which annoy sometimes leads to leave your site and also don’t use flash based menu which loads slower than normal full webpage.

3. Using splash pages

When you use splash page which would make the visitor to hit the back button on the browser or to close your site since they don’t see what actually the website is about. But if you have some description and catchy words about your website which could lead your visitor to browse your website the splash page is the best option to increase your traffic.

4. Using the navigation

Be informative about the page and how to get back and forth from the page so that the visitor doesn’t get confused for where they stand. Better provide some relevant information about navigation to the other webpage. But don’t overdo these which lead to confusion and leaving your site without the actual purpose of what he needs.

5. Using Advertisement

Don’t over show or use pop up advertisement which will annoy the visitors. Have one or two catchy advertisement in a page. You can use some links to your affiliate programs within some relevant cont which leads them to buy from you or to join under you. Better to have some flash advertisement at the corners or side of the content.

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