Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Tips and Guides - Web Designing

There are several things to consider in web design, and it is not just about the colors and graphics that you will use. Other site aspects must be taken into account to ensure that your site is not only appealing to the eye but also useful and interesting. Here are some basic tips and techniques when it comes to designing a website:

Give visitors a reason to browse through the site pages. What can they get from the site? It is important to offer something interesting and informative. The design and content of a site go hand in hand. Bear in mind that web design, no matter how great it is, will be useless if the site has no relevant content in the first place.

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Sizes of files and images must be kept small. If the pages take too long to load due to large Flash files or images, visitors might get bored and move to another site, which is just a click away. Keep file sizes small so the pages can load fast, whatever browser the visitors are using.

Simple is better. In an effort to make a site visually appealing and attractive, you may get carried away in designing the site by incorporating all sorts of graphics and colors. While it is important to have a site that can get people’s attention, keeping it simple will still do the trick. Image backgrounds tend to slow down the loading process of pages, and too many flashing and glittering banners and images will not work well for you, so try to avoid these.

Make use of standard fonts. Verdana, Times New Roman, and Arial are some of the fonts commonly used in websites. Do not use too many styles on your site, and do not change fonts too frequently. Keep the site professional-looking and reader-friendly.

Avoid placing too many ads. There is money to be made, but that should not be an excuse for you to fill any available space with different advertisements. In general, the page must have ¾ content and the rest can be allotted for ads. People usually look for content, not ads. Do not annoy them by having a lot of pop-ups and sponsored text.

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