Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Why you need Web Hosting Service

You are ready to have your own website. Should you host your website or use a hosting service?

The emergence of the World Wide Web in the early part of the 1990′s has brought so much change with the way people view computers. Before the web, Internet was the playground of the computer geeks and academics who would exchange ideas over dedicated networks. With the birth of the World Wide Web, practically everyone from all parts of the globe who has a computer joined in the fray. A lot of business opportunities and industries were also born during this time. One of these is the website hosting service which has the primary task of allowing you the use of its IT infrastructure for a fee.

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If you are a website owner, or are in the process of developing a website, you have undoubtedly heard of the myriads of website hosting services that populate the net right now. These hosting services make it their business to host and secure your website on the net so that it would be available to users all the time. But why use the service when you can host it yourself?

The foremost reason is probably because at present, you do not have all the necessary equipment needed to host your website. It is a known fact that most hosting services have the best hardware that is capable of handling the most complex task or request demanded from it by the user. They have a team of servers, routers, and uninterrupted power supplies, not to mention a backup system, to deal with the daily Herculean task of handling data.

The next important reason would possibly be the anti-intrusion measures that these services have put in place to guard against illegal activities like hacking. If you are running all or most of your business operations on Internet, sensitive data is going to be uploaded and downloaded a lot of times. These data may include your clients’ or employees’ social security number and credit card numbers. Hosting companies make it a point to protect the data that is being uploaded and downloaded on your website.

The third reason why you should use a website hosting service is they have teams of engineers who maintain the software applications and the machines to ensure that there would be no downtime for your website. Outages, software, and hardware glitches cause the website to be unavailable on the Internet and this team of engineers employed by these website hosting companies make it a point that this would never happen.

Though you can always host your own website, it would be much better to enlist the help of these hosting services. Aside from having an IT infrastructure in place, they have the experience necessary to ensure a smooth operation for your website.

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