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Website Hosting Providers

Below are areas you should think about when choosing a website hosting provider. Thinking through what you need at the outset and matching it to the appropriate provider will be time well spent.Minimum upfront payment period Whilst most website hosting providers quote a monthly fee this is often just for comparison purposes and you actually have to pay 6/12 months in advance as a minimum. Others offer various options, obviously being cheaper the more you pay in advance. 
If you do not want to (or cannot afford to) pay in advance you need a website hosting provider who allows monthly payments.Length of commitment If you are happy to pay in advance you need to check the Terms and Conditions to establish your rights to cancel and get a refund. The best providers do not lock you in at all. If you pay monthly it is reasonable to expect to be able to terminate at a months notice.Can you change your mind?A money back guarantee features in the packages of some website hosting providers who will give a full refund on request within a specified number of days of signing up. Whilst this should not be a major factor in choosing a provider it does at least show their confidence in their service and you might find out how good their support is during this period.How many domains are you allowed?
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The lead-in packages often only allow one domain to be hosted. This may be fine but it is worth looking at the costs for multiple (or unlimited) domains, as once you get started you may well discover a need for another domain.Is there a free domain?Website hosting providers sometimes include a domain in their package. Check if it is always free or just for an introductory period. It is likely that the free domain will use one of the less popular extensions (it will not so it may not be the best option for your new site.How much bandwidth are you allowed?In case your site attracts a lot of traffic it is safest to have unlimited bandwidth then you never have to worry about this. However where limits apply they are unlikely to be an issue for a new site in the foreseeable future.
What is the limit on disk space?Much the same applies as for bandwidth (above). How good is the provider’s infrastructure?Loading time is important both to provide a good experience to users of your site and because Google are now taking this into account in the search results. You can have your site monitored by third parties once operational but at the outset you can only go by existing user feedback. This should not be an issue with any of the top website hosting providers. Your website hosting provider should also provide a guarantee on percentage up time which should be around 99.9%.
Do you want Linux or Microsoft hosting?Many website hosting providers offer both Linux and Microsoft hosting. There is no connection between this and your PC operating system and I recommend that you go for Linux unless you have a specific reason not to do so. Linux powers the majority of websites, including major sites like Google, and there is a wealth of free software, tools, forums etc. dedicated to it. Many people now use WordPress to build their websites or blogs and about 95% of these installations are on Linux as it is easy and straightforward. 

The exception would be where your website developers specify the need to use Microsoft based hosting.Does the provider use C panel?The following should be available:* set-up and control multiple email accounts on your domain, preferably with a web mail service.* setup multiple FTP accounts* access to and control of databases* tools to backup the site (and databases)* It is also good to see support for Fantastico – which makes it very easy to install WordPress.How good is the support?In many ways this is the most important question. The best service in the world is no good if you cannot get help from your website hosting provider. Look for the support options to include a toll free phone number. It is also worth searching the web to see feedback from real users.

web hosting and designing practices

We have been constantly surprised to find many of our website design clients not using the power of social media marketing.Social media or Web 2.0 is the concept of using Twitter, Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc. to market yourself and your products. There is a lot of work involved when you decide to add web 2.0 marketing to your arsenal of sales tools. One very important goal should be to customize your social media sites with your current company branding whenever possible. If your visitors are directed to these various sites and see a confusing branding message, you are likely to lose a certain amount of respect, whether that be communicated to you or not.
For your Web hosting & Software Development needs. Visit here with your requirements
Website Hosting and Software Developers Hosur
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A consistent branding message is very important to your ongoing success. So, before you decide to “dive in” to the Web 2.0 world, you should prepare yourself in advance. You will need to know which site can be customized, how to customize them and the time/costs it may take to do so. Most professional website designers will have a full suite of services to offer that include social media branding. However, if you ask your designer to provide such a service and they are not able to do it, you should consider contacting another source.Another important thing to consider is “who will be updating your sites” ongoing. It is important to convey a consistent marketing message.

If you have someone on your staff who knows how to “tweet” and update a Facebook FAN page (business page) then we recommend you give this responsibility to them to manage. If you allow anyone on your team to post social media updates, you will quickly lose control of your marketing message and run the risk of driving customers away. Before you decide to launch your new website product consider the time and effort it will take to work with social media. As a basic “rule of thumb” (and from our years of experience) you should try to keep the number of social media sites to the minimum when you first get started. We suggest Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as a good starting point.

There are dozens of Web 2.0 sites for you to consider; whenever possible, you want to keep your “social media name” as consistent as possible. Remember, many social media sites restrict your user name to a maximum of 14 characters. Here is a great link to use to “search the most popular Web 2.0 sites”When you decide to “brand” your social media sites, you will most certainly be including some sort of “company logo” and customized background image. We use Photoshop to create files for our clients and charge a set rate to do so for them. You should certainly include this “cost” as part of your overall website design plan.

Earning money online as part time

Who doesn’t have the dream of earning online? In today’s economy one needs to find other ways to earn something extra. Layoffs occur more day by day and earning income online seemed so small at first but now it has became the major way to help with increasing payments. Firstly remove the talents and hobbies in you so that you can utilize those talents to earn some money. Every person has some talents and you just have to take out and do something interesting which you like the most. Earning income in online is nice as it is much more flexible.
For your Web hosting & Software Development needs. Visit here with your requirements
Website Hosting and Software Developers Hosur
Tamil Nadu (TN) - Most reliable and best solutions ever provided

Tips to Earn Money Online
Several sites are there that allow you to write and earn a passive income online. Some of the sites like squidoo, Ehow, hub pages and helium help in writing the content and is the most comfortable way of writing. The easy way of earning money online in short period of time is by signing up for paid surveys or focus groups online. The paid surveys companies are very easy and are legitimate in signing up. Check out for the online forums for others experiences and remember to have contact with Google as it shows nice focus groups from time to time.
You can do data entry work from home at flexible hours and decent pay rates are paid. Never pay a company to become a data entry employee as you will not get your money back. This legitimate data entry work from home are swamped with applications. You can earn online by becoming a online tutor so that you can produce your knowledge by teaching your interesting subjects. Opportunities for online tutors has been increased by a very legitimate companies.
The file sharing website service providers can offer good commissions to their members. There are some simple steps to earn money by just downloading files and sharing. First sign up for a free account by going in to their website. When you are signed up and logged in, you can upload your files in their website. You need the good speed for uploading the files like 512kbps depending on the file size. The greater the file size, more time will be taken to upload a file. File gets uploaded and you will be given a download link, where you can show or share with your friends.

Sharing and Uploading Files
Download link or the sharing link on your own website or on public forums by increasing traffic. Search for more public forums or the Google search by posting your download links. If your files are getting downloaded by users, you can automatically get paid for every 1000 downloads. You may think that 1000 downloads are huge but you will get 10 dollars for 1000 downloads and when you present links on a public forum you can get 100,000 downloads in a month.
Making money online by uploading and sharing files has become very popular these days and you can check all the posts related to earning money with files by using the link above.Rapid share and mega upload will be used to share these file services for delivering a digital product faster. Making money from Internet is easy and fun to do and you can share digital goodies online. Rapid share consists of lot of advertisements and sponsors where you can afford for your uploads. You will be rewarded with certain  amount of money for every 1000 file views or the downloads. You can share something cool on sites like Face book, MySpace and other social network or public forum.

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Datum Data - Software Developers | website hosting
1. Web Hosting
2. Website Maintenance
3. Search Engine optimization
4. Software
a. Billing
b. School Management
c. MLM Software
d. Inventory and Asset Management
e. Document Management
f. Business Process Automation

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Following are the Products/Services offered by Datum Data:
Sl. No
Billing Cycle
Price Starts from
 Website Hosting
Rs. 2,000/-
Website Designing
One time
Rs. 2000/-
Website Maintenance
Rs. 1,500-/
Search Engine Optimization
One Time*
Rs. 5,000/-
Billing Software incl.
·         Advanced Billing Portal
·         Search Queries
·         Business Analysis Tools
·         Stock Management
·         Material Expiry Management
One Time**
School Management System incl.
·         Attendance System for both Students & Teachers
·         Classroom Management
·         CMS Based Online Student Portal
·         CMS Based Online Teacher Portal
·         Admin Panel
·         Syllabus Management
·         Exam Cell Activities
·         Online Exam Results
·         Various Reports incl.
o    Student’s Performance
o    Business Analysis Reports
o    Teacher’s Performance
o   Exam Result
One Time**
MLM Software incl.
·         Advanced Admin Panel
·         Customizable Commission Plans
·         Products Database
·         Advanced Customer Panel
·         e-PIN Generators
·         Cart Management
·         Customer Tools incl.
o    e-Messaging to Down-line & Up-line
o    Down-line Analysis Tool
o    e-PIN Management
·         Various Reports incl.
o     e-PIN Status Reports
o    Customers Reports
o    Advanced Down-line Reports
o    Advanced Up-line Reports
o    Products Reports
o    Profit-Loss Analysis Reports
o    Customizable Payment Reports
One Time**

Webhosting Plans
Web Space
1 GB
10 GB
Band Width
5 GB
20 GB
100 GB
POP Mail Accounts
Server Up-Time
FTP Accounts
Web Mail
Error Logs
Re-Direct URLs
Cost / Year
Rs. 2000
Rs. 3550
Rs. 6000
Free Static Pages Design
(And one contact us page)

Website Designing Plans
No. Of Pages
Flash Banner
Full Flash
Contact Us Page
High Content Home Page
Rs. 3,200
Rs. 6,000/-
Static Page
Rs. 249/-
Rs. 49/-
Flash Banner
Rs. 499/-
Rs. 349/-
Rs. 199/-
Flash Intro
Rs. 1,500/-
Rs. 999/-
Rs. 750/-
 Carts Includes Payment Processors Gateways.
Payment Gateways we develop are
·         PayPal
·         CCAvenue
·         EBS
·         2CheckOut
·         Credit Cards/Debit Cards *
*Subjected to the approval of Banks.
Rs. 4,000/-
Rs. 3,000/-
Rs. 2,200/-

Datum Data custom software development services aim to address critical customer issues and problems with business outcomes that benefit the entire enterprise. Our professional software development team, certified processes, Quality Assurance and testing, cutting-edge technologies such as Java, .Net, PHP and others allow our clients to timely return their investments into all their custom software development initiatives.
We provide full range of custom software development services from IT consulting, software engineering, solution design, software product development to integration services, software maintenance and support. With Datum Data as software development provider our clients get industry-leading innovative solutions to handle all their business issues.
At Datum Data software company we have expertise in comprehensive software, custom solutions and tools development which help both small companies and large enterprises in business process automation, increasing employee efficiency and reducing costs. Our business software development approach allows us to create highly expendable, modular and stable software. Here are some sample business process automation solutions that our software development services include:
  • Complex work flow management systems development
  • Customer support ticket tracking and management software development
  • Console tools development to reduce employee manual work
  • File processing and parsing software development
  • Report management and automation solutions development
Our expertise includes complex Enterprise Resource Planning software development which is an effective solution for large and small businesses in resource planning and forecasting, increasing productivity and efficiency of each company department, keeping the company at the highest level of profit. The custom ERP system solutions we have development expertise in allow our customers to automate the entire order tracking and management process and allow managing revenue and transactions. Datum Data software development company provides the full range of custom ERP software development, consulting, installation services, integration with third party systems, testing and Quality Assurance, support and maintenance services.
With the ERP software we can develop for you, it is easy not only to centralize all the data in one place, but also have a top-down view on the entire enterprise with all necessary information needed to make proper decisions and reduce your services delivery time.
The Customer Relationship Management software we have development expertise in contains all necessary set of tools needed to automate the entire sales process starting from contact management and ending with signing a final contract with a customer. Datum Data software developers have extensive expertise in Customer Relations Management software development which minimizes the workload the sales representative spends on each phase. The customer management software we have development expertise in contains not only lead management software modules, but also gives insights into opportunities, geographic territories and forecasts. The customer relationship management software features we can develop for you, such as sales work flow automation, quote generation and comprehensive reporting bring the highest efficiency in acquiring new customers, offering an excellent service and generating contracts to both large enterprise and small business.    
Datum Data has extensive expertise in custom financial and accounting software development. We have a long successful history in designing, developing, installation and maintenance of robust business financial software solutions for large enterprises and small businesses. Our custom financial software development services include:
  • Invoice and contract management software development
  • Financial planning software development
  • Bank payment tracking software development
  • Transactions and cash flow processing solutions
  • Bookkeeping and auditing software development
  • Donation management software development
We provide full service from consulting and custom financial software development to software integration with third party CRM, contact management or ticketing systems, software maintenance and support. As the result our customers obtain a highly scalable, robust and modular financial management software solution which helps them to consolidate, manage and monitor the enterprise-wide financial information.

Our custom inventory and asset management software development experience allows us to create software solutions which provide full capabilities for you business to specify size and placement of goods, manage multiple locations, inventory costs and price forecasts. The extensive software development expertise we have in asset management and inventory management software allows us to create solutions which automate inventory forecasting and valuation, asset replenishment and returns of defective goods. You are able to forecast inventory demands and collect comprehensive reports for your business to react immediately to the changing market environment.
We have experience in document management software development. The document management software developed by us allows both small companies and large enterprises to categorize, upload, and share documents and reports. With the help of our extensive expertise in data management software development we create robust and modular solutions which support flexible user rights and complex document management work flows. Each data management system works for multiple companies within a large business enterprise or for several departments within a single company at the same time and fully automates all enterprise content management needs.
Our custom software development services offer consulting, delivery expertise and custom tool development in order to drive innovation, improve your business efficiency and reduce manual work costs. We use all cutting-edge technologies and our extensive expertise to provide quality custom software design, development, consulting, installation and maintenance services. Whenever your company needs a solution that will automate the routine work of the employees, store data and information, provide comprehensive work flows and increase the quality of your business and services – feel free to contact us for our custom software and tool development services.  

Represented as/for
The Actual Billing Cycle and cost of the product/service shall be changed according to the Customer’s Requirements.
Mentioned Billing cycle excludes the Taxes and Maintenance Costs. If customer needs the Datum Data to maintain the Provided Software, Software Maintenance Fee will be decided according to the licenses and product/service type.

And the Given Specifications are implicit specifications. Still Customer can demand any extra specifications he/she needs and that shall be charged according to Requirement after analyzing its Risk Analysis and Feasibility Report.

1.       All the Prices mentioned in this Catalog exclude the Taxes. All Products/Services shall be included taxes as 5.5% VAT for all Products and 10.5% Service Tax for Services for each payment.
2.       All Products carries 30% upfront and all services carries 100% upfront payment.

+91 94868 71405
+91 97510 63103
Postal Address
Datum Data,
2-1/61E, Anna Nagar,
Opp. Parimalam School,
Hosur – 635 109.

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