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Things to know - Web Hosting

So you’re a bit of an idiot where web design is concerned. There is nothing to be ashamed about; we all have to start learning somewhere.

What is web design?

Web design is the look and feel of your website. A website is basically a collection of web pages (files) that contain text and images and the design is how it looks and functions

What’s the point in good web design?

Well the better your design the more likely you are to get visitors to visit your site and come back time and time again. Also good design can have a major impact on the whole success of your website

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What are the main key points to good web design

You want a site that is pleasant to the eye and easy to navigate. A sight with multicolor and flashing images will put a lot of people off. Your website should load quickly too, so a home page with a huge picture on it will take a long time to load even if you have a fast internet connection, and a lot of people will not wait for the picture to load. So a simple design without flash is the best bet.

Who is the right person to design my website

It is best to find someone with an eye for great design and experience in designing websites. Someone who can show you a portfolio of websites they have already designed for people.

How will Google find me

Once you have listed your site on another website it will be listed on Google.

How will my site get found by Google search terms

Well you have to realize that Google finds pages by finding the most relevant page for that particular search term. So say for instance you want to be found with the search terms ‘pink elephant’ your site has to have the most relevant amount of content about ‘pink elephants’. If there is another site with more pages and text on pink elephants then that site will come up before you. Also your site needs to be popular, and sites are popular by the amount of links to your site. Listing your site on as many directories as possible is one way of creating link popularity and also writing articles and posting them on article sites is another great way. But remember to leave a short bio with a link back to your site.

I still don’t get it, what should I do

Find an experienced company that will do all this for you, preferable a company that offers, domain name registration, web design, web hosting, web marketing, and search engine optimization.

Website Hosting - Basics

Web hosting is especially useful for personal and small business, and e-commerce sites. It simply involves building your site, setting up an online store and promoting it in the search engines to get traffic to your website.

Definition of web hosting

The term web hosting is used to describe a variety of services that are necessary to make a website and then support that particular website. Hosting website is a service that promotes the websites to reside in the computer in a way that it can be accessible from the Internet 24 hours a day. This computer that host the services is called the host computer and the associated services are called website hosting.

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How to get started?

What you need to know about hosting website is the way to get started. To begin with you should select proper hosting service plans. Make a plan that will best suit your needs. If you are getting started with a website, then consider first to have a proper domain name. A domain name is used to locate your website in the Internet. Make it short and easy. The best domain name would include that which has your company name in it like http://www.yourcompany.com. The next step is building your website. You can create your own website by using any of the page builders like Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash, or Microsoft FrontPage.

Your next step for hosting website would be to sign up for affordable web hosting services. Prepare a web hosting account like Business account or Corporate account that can be accessed in exchange of a certain amount of money. Simply fill up a form stating your details and you can get the required account name.

The last step of hosting website involves your promoting the website. Almost all the website traffic comes from search engines. So be sure to design your website with search engine optimization factors in your mind. Submit your website to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. to get traffic to your site.

If you are having a Broadband or ADSL connection, then you can use it to host your own website. Make sure that while hosting website, you choose a company that will best suit your budgetary needs and provide you with a username and password to allow you to FTP [File Transfer Protocol] your website to the hosting space.

Categories of website hosting services

Hosting website services can be divided into four different categories like shared, co-location, dedicated and In House. Shared hosting website put multiple websites on one server and all of tem use the same network connection, the same software and the same hardware sources. You can only design and manage the content of the website. Dedicated hosting website means you can rent your own dedicated server from a hosting provider. Although you may customize the server with remote server access, the hosting provider remains responsible for buying hardware, installing software and maintaining the server.

The collocated web host allows your company with space that stores your own server hardware and a high-speed connection to the Internet for that server. The In House server hosting website system offers you to set up a server on your own premises. You can buy the connectivity, hardware and software, configure and maintain the system.

Custom Web Design

While the usual web design templates would be sufficient and would suffice for most personal and small home & business needs, it may prove inadequate for companies and organizations seeking to set themselves apart from the competition. Indeed, to highlight a distinct solution or competitive advantage, the need for customized web design is paramount.

Nobody likes a copycat. And if you are an individual or even a company seriously after an image of innovation, originality, creativity; you wouldn’t want to hurt yourself by coming up with a less than impressive web design. And this is where custom web design solution providers come in. They provide you with a web design that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Or do they?

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Obtaining custom web design solution starts long before you even consider employing the services of a web designer. It starts with you. It starts with your idea. What unique idea do you have? Say you have discovered a health remedy and you want to share this with others. Perhaps you have created the perfect software to create flash content. What is now the objective of the website? Probably you want to get more people to know about what you have and get them buy it. Or just gauge people’s reactions or solicit comments. Whatever. Then, you go after prospect audience. Your segment. You don’t want to put up a website and target audience using shotgun approach. You want to carefully consider your niche. These are all elements that have to be seriously studied and considered. This is where it all starts.

When you have everything ready, you find yourself a custom web designer. There are elements to the selection of the right designer for you. You’ll find guides to making the selection throughout the internet. Some even provide location-specific help. Do your homework and it should save you plenty of time and effort. But a custom web design provider should be able to thoroughly understand your requirements. He should be able to develop web design recommendations that you can decide on or collaborate on. There are some that cautions against the use of design templates and they have a point. However, if the templates does meet your need and requirement, I don’t know why there should be an issue with that. Your custom web designer should be able to assist you in determining whether a particular design helps to meet your requirements.

Web Hosting - Made Easy

If you have never set-up a website, or been a webmaster, you may expect that you need a lot of technical knowledge to do this. In fact you would be wrong because easy website hosting is now available to anyone wanting to set-up their own website or blog.You need both a domain name and a hosting account so there will be cost involved. 

You might be able to get one or other of these free by using a single supplier but if you want a premium domain (e.g. a.com) it will probably be cheaper to buy them from separate suppliers.Proceed as follows:Select you Domain Name: The extension you need will depend on the purpose of your site. If you are looking for an international audience then a .org or .net might be appropriate or .com if there is a commercial element. In this case cheapestsitehosting.com is a good place to start looking. Search for a local registration site if you go for your local extension e.g. .co.uk or .de. 

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Look for the cheapest site to register the name (but don’t do so yet) choose your Website Hosting Provider: There is a lot of choice here with varying levels of service. Unless a hosting provider has been recommended to you I would recommend selecting one of the big names who have a good reputation for their support services. If any problems do arise you can then be confident that you will be able to get support.Website hosting companies often also offer domain registration services and you can do this as part of the sign-up process with them. 

This is certainly the easiest way to go but it may not be the cheapest. The alternative is to register your domain name first with another company and, later, enter the DNS information provided by your hosting company. This is easy, it just adds another step to the setup process. If you proceed on this basis you should register your domain name first, so that you have the information when setting up your hosting account.Set-up Hosting Account: On your hosting company’s website you will need to choose your package and the period you will pay in advance. The “monthly” cost is lower the further in advance you pay. You then enter your contact and payment information. 

You should pay by credit card or PayPal as this makes it easier to get a refund should you need to cancel later.If you registered your domain name elsewhere the hosting company will advise you of their name server(s). You then need to login to the site where you registered your domain and enter these. If you purchased your domain from the hosting company you do not need to worry about this.Creating your Site/Blog:: Your hosting company will give you access to your C panel through which you control everything including your email and FTP accounts. 

To get started quickly open “Fantastico De Luxe” which is in the Software/Services section. This will enable you to quickly set-up WordPress, the very popular software for creating websites and blogs. WordPress in free and there are so many themes and plugins to choose from that you can effectively make it do what you want without any technical knowledge. To install it in your root directory (i.e. your home page will be at your-domain.xxx) select WordPress in the left hand column of Fantastico. Click “New Installation” on the next page then complete the simple form leaving the “Install in Directory” box blank. The data entered on this page can be changed later and you will no doubt want to do so once you see what it is used for. Finish the installation and you will then get a page containing your database and login details.

Web Designing - Outsourcing a Web Designer

If I were to ask you if you can give me a name of a company that wouldn’t be willing to have an online website, would you be able to give me? I’m sure you’d find a hard time looking for one because almost all companies would like to break into the online scene. Businesses have recognized the need for having a website to be able to market and promote their product to a much bigger audience. Not to mention, having a website is an easy way to reach the international market as well. 
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However, to be able to make a website, you need to employ a web designing company or a web designer to make it from you and this where the analysis will start.You have the option to get a web designer on board your company to do the job for you or simply outsource a website designing company to do the project. Well, some people would answer that they’d prefer having their own web designer but what they don’t realize is that they are really not making more money by simply having a web programmer in the company. Thus, the first thing you will need to think about whether to outsource or not is the practicality.

Ask yourself, will you be making more money if you employ a web designer? Chances are you are not.When you outsource a web programming agency or a designer, you don’t have to worry about other things like the time you’ll be searching for one for your company. You simply just look for a website designing company or a designer, talk to them, assign them the project and pay for their services. The only time you will be giving them is when you need to communicate what you wanted with the project and when you need to approve drafts. Outsourcing a web programming company or a website designer is very practical as you don’t have to waste time and effort.

The next thing to think about whether to outsource a website programming company or not is the cost. By hiring a designer to work for you in the company will just be added cost. You have to pay his salary and give him benefits just like any other employee. As opposed to just outsourcing a company or a designer, you can just pay them for the project and that’s it. You don’t have to pay for anything else.On the other hand, the main benefit of having a web designer on board your company is that you can monitor his work step by step. If you have a company outsourced, you won’t be able to do this and you’ll just see drafts of the website they are making. Having your own designer will also allow you to communicate more effectively with what you want to be done.

The choice of whether to outsource a web designing company or web designer is really up to you. There are pros and cons to every decision and you and your company must weigh out which factors are most important to you.

Web Designing - What is CMS

When you have an online business or if you intend to get one, you already know that the success of your website will drastically depend upon your site’s popularity. So just how does a website obtain popularity you might ask? You can get more traffic by writing great content. Content is king when it comes to web design! A movement involving fresh, educational, and quality content is definitely in demand by a large number of online companies, businesses, organizations and individuals. 
However, the problem is in managing the content and also the design aspects regarding your website design. To accomplish this, you need to opt for a CMS based website.Content Management Systems (CMS) make it a lot easier to manage the content on your site. It is easy to handle all your content very quickly and do so with no need of employing a programmer or perhaps a webmaster. Style components can be re-structured considering all you actually have to do is adjust the particular templates.One of the biggest reasons for utilizing a CMS is the fact that it helps you to save time. 
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Rather than running to ones FTP program to help you add any kind of content, you are able to simply logon to the user interface and publish all your website content there. Web design and style adjustments can certainly be made in the same manner since you can alter one template in order to bring up-to-date your pages of content.Securing all your data and content is actually less difficult also. Considering that information and details will be saved in the database, preserving the essential information is straightforward. All you will have to do is actually export the information if you want added safety measures. Some people like to have “layers” of security and a CMS helps to make that an easier task.
 If you want to duplicate any templates or data to an alternative site, you may simply add the exported data files.You will also have the publishing abilities that a CMS offers. Publishing articles and other content was formerly executed manually with static sites. With a CMS, it’s possible to know what exactly is being published, specify the time frame for content to be published, and you may even immediately do away with outdated articles and other content. Plus if you want to bring extra features into your website, it’s easy to accomplish as well.With the massive number of CMS lovers these days, free plugins and extensions are being made each day. 
The most renowned platforms are usually WordPress, Joomla, as well as Drupal. Each platform features internet sites that offer easy-to-follow plugins and extensions you may use to make publishing more streamlined and easier, enabling you to get more traffic, plus help you to increase your revenue. Numerous plugins can be obtained 100 % free plus the ones that are being sold seem to be fairly low-priced.It’s also a lot easier to improve style and design components by way of CMS tools. As opposed to running through lots of HTML code, one can merely improve many elements concerning a website with the help of templates. You actually may modify a header, footer, sidebar, and incorporate widgets really quickly. 

There are even plugins and extensions that help you to change the web design elements by way of aiming and clicking on different web templates.In summary, content management systems (CMS) present many amazing and convenient benefits to online marketers, businesses, organizations and individuals. Content publishing and web design are able to be completed much faster and easier once you have a content management system. Furthermore, common CMS systems have a solid community which tends to make CMS much more attractive. You will also have the ability to locate plugins to help you generate income from your site, join social sites, make it possible for targeted traffic to connect, and a lot more.
The issue now is exactly what CMS to utilize. Each and every system has their pluses and minuses. They likewise have totally different features as well as modification possibilities. The simplest way in making an obvious decision is to experiment with various platforms and then judge those that suit you better. Also you can pay a visit to message boards to see comments and consult with many other website owners to check out exactly how they’re using a particular content management system. Examine their style and design factors and also talk to site owners having websites which are similar to what you are going for.

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