Friday, 16 December 2011

Technical - Web Design

A website has to stand out. If you type in the search for “loans”, there will be millions of high quality websites that are competing for that term. However if you narrow it down to “loans with poor credit”, the list is smaller. You will really hit the jackpot if you campaign on “cheap loans for home owners with poor credit rating”. By the time a client types in such a word or series of words, it is clear that they are looking for the product you are selling. The conversion rate will go through the roof if you detail your objectives.

Color schemes

Sometimes a website does not need creativity. A mad color scheme will give your visitors a headache. Clashing colors are almost certainly a bad thing. A case in point is bloody red or murky yellow text with a dark backdrop. This is one of the worst color decisions that you can make. Start with the simplest color schemes: a white background and black bold text. Use complementary colors according to the standard wheel which is recommended for interior decoration. Darker shades should be used at the top and then you will gradually work your way down. Users are distracted if the middle range is darker than the rest of the page. Do not forget to do some final testing with different types of monitors.
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Typeface setting

A monotonous pattern of typefaces will not capture the attention span of the reader. However going all over the place with different formats will distract the reader. Instead you should do some subtle combinations. For example you might use a larger font for headlines and then italics for emphasis. The overall effect that you achieve should suggest a pattern even as you try to make the content interesting. If your text sizes are too small then it will be difficult to read them at higher resolutions. Ensure that the line height does not exceed 14 PX otherwise the sentence structures will appear to be cramped to the average reader.

Fresh content

 You need to come up with a method for keeping the content updated on a fairly regular basis. For example you might use RSS feeds to ensure that the information is automatically updated according to your requirements as you use the programs. Remember that the search engine crawlers will visit the page several times a week and they take note of any developments that you have achieved in terms of getting new fresh content. Write interesting articles and press releases which are meant to inform your audience. If you allow readers to post comments then they will contribute to the impression that you are updating the content on a fairly regular basis.

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