Sunday, 25 December 2011

Web Designing - Aspects

One of the most important parts of any modern business is a functional, easy-to-use website. In most cases, when someone is searching for a product or service, they’re no longer turning to a phone book to find an option. Most likely they are turning to an online search engine for answers. If your business doesn’t have a website with the information they are looking for, you may get left behind.

The average internet shopper is savvy. He or she knows what a good site looks like and how it works. He or she knows when a site isn’t easy to use and functional. When it comes to web design you need to make sure your site has three essential components in place. First, it needs to look good. Its aesthetic design should be pleasing, which means the layout should be comfortable. The logo should be well-designed, and the fonts should be modern and unobtrusive.

Second, it needs to be easy to use. This is known as the interface. The interface design of your site should be simple enough for the average Joe to navigate. It should be intuitive. Your user shouldn’t have to struggle to figure out how your site works.

Third, your information needs to be easy to find. This is called information design. People are coming to your site to find information about your business. They need to find it quickly and easily. This process may sound simple, but it’s really quite difficult. You need to find a professional web designer with experience and talent to ensure that your site has all three components.

webdesigning Vsual - Fundamentals

You might think that this article is about technical stuff that relates to web design fundamentals; however, I decided to write a piece that is very much based more on the actual visual experience of your web project. There are several things that should be taken into consideration like navigation and layout that truly matter to your project.

Navigational flow and functionality are of utmost importance to any website whether it’s business or personal – coupled with faster loading times of your web page and quicker access to the most important parts of the information you offer. Of course, most of this you will only find out once you have installed an analytics program and begin receiving worthy amounts of traffic for you to perform a full analysis of your design.

Analyzing the way that people interact with your site, the pages that have the longest and most fruitful views etc will help you better understand what your users are looking for and better position them within your site. Many people have forgotten that the visual style of your site should be pleasing enough to capture a visitors attention and bring more traffic to your site. It is also important to remember that keeping the visuals down to a minimum can be helpful to search engine optimization, however, this does not remove the idea that your visual design can still be very pleasing.

Keeping advertising and any extra information down to a bare minimum will also help you to ensure that you always keep the visitors attention on the product and/or service that you are offering.

Remembering what your visitors are looking for and what your site is meant for will help to keep the visitor traffic flowing through out your site.

Everything should be easy enough to find and you should consider what you would like to see more off or where you would go looking for a similar product.

Always keep in mind that content is king, it always has been, and it always will be! People are always looking for the best information that pertains to their searches and if you are targeting something in specific ensure that you have a lot of value for them as this will bring about trust and a good and loyal traffic base for your website.

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