Sunday, 29 January 2012

Inner Workings of The Internet

Before i purchase into this, if you would like to be told regarding hosting, you'll be able to browse the post, however if you would like to kill your time and watch Freddiew be awesome, try this instead.

Alright, back on topic we have a tendency to go. within the 1st post among this Startup Series I talked somewhat bit regarding how your domain name ties into your niche, and the way to decide on a site name that's right for your business within the on-line world.  I lined a few tips when it involves selecting and gave you a few tools to use along the approach.  Nothing over the highest, however barely enough to urge you started.

You’ve return up with an awesome domain name and currently you’re wondering what’s next, right?

Well person on the opposite facet of the screen.  Your next step goes to be finding an area to store your web site files so individuals will scrutinize them.  At now we have a tendency to hit subsequent section of the Startup Series and another question comes up that gets somewhat bit a lot of technical.

“Hosting, do I even have a hosting provider?” And “What language ought to my web site be in?”

I don’t mean English, French, Polish or Klingon.  I mean programming language and a lot of specifically, server facet programming languages. usually most net hosts can support the programming language you would like to create your web site from. simply to administer you a thought of what I’m talking regarding, an example of a server facet language would be PHP (which really stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, weird right?  It’s an acronym among an acronym among an acrony… you get the picture). you may conjointly hear ASP.NET or simply .NET being tossed around, that stands for Active Server Pages, and uses the windows primarily based .NET framework.

“Woah woah woah… i used to be promised kittens.”

Ok, I’m sorry, too technical.  Here, this could hold you over.

Ok, thus lets skip that techie half.  I didn’t actually need to urge into it however my nerd took over and for that I apologize.  I did wish to bring this up briefly but, as a result of this is often one thing your laptop person goes to own to grasp. within the next post I’ll cowl to a small degree regarding what queries you ought to be asking them. this is often one thing that you just as a consumer have a right to raise.  Basically, “Can you please resolve if my net host will run the programming language you’re attending to use to create my web site with?”  Moreover, if your web site goes to own a database (again, this is often one thing your laptop person ought to know), then they’ll got to resolve if your net host will support it.  MySQL server and MS SQL are common database platforms that you just would possibly hear being tossed around.

Hold on, hold on. simply scrutinize that cat’s face and take a look at to not laugh.

So, back to the first question, does one have hosting?  Well, if you’re unsure what it's, then in all probability not.  As a rule of thumb, in my personal opinion, I attempt to continue the native guys here in Canada, I’ll conjointly do analysis through Google. one thing like “[Insert company name] Reviews” ought to do the trick. up to now I’ve used 3 suppliers in my development years.  Netfirms, GoDaddy and Host Papa.

Netfirms contains a very nice administration space, it’s comparatively simple to navigate, and they’ve simply upgraded their tools.  What I found regarding them though was that the client service wasn’t something spectacular, and things took to a small degree long to urge going.  GoDaddy on the opposite hand has superb client service (in my experience), BUT, for a few reason WordPress websites take FOREVER to load and their tools are approach too difficult.

This brought me to Host Papa.  Canadian, truthful costs, nice interface with simple to know tools, and better of all, they run on inexperienced Energy (energy provided naturally though wind turbines and solar panels).  I haven’t had to influence their client service however, thus we’ll see that.

When it comes right down to it, you’ll in all probability be paying around $100/year for hosting, and regarding $10/year for your domain name. you'll be able to in all probability realize to a small degree cheaper, however given the service that Host Papa provides, they're worthwhile.

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