Wednesday, 15 February 2012

How To Start A Website

To start a website, you need to undertake primary steps: Website hosting, website design, website development, content creation & Website maintenance. The latter is an iterative step that will be repeated throughout the lifetime of the world wide web pages.

Web Hosting

Website hosting refers to a transaction in which you pay a Website hosting provider to rent the space & tools needed to host your website on the Web. For example, in the event you chose Datum Data as your provider, you would pay $15.00 upfront for the world wide website domain name. In addition, you would pay a total hosting fee based on your every month rate & contract term. Given a 3-year contract at $3.97 per month, your total expenses would amount to $15.00 + $142.92.

Website Design

After you acquire Web space for your site, you need to either design it yourself or hire a professional Web designer. This method entails preparing a layout, choosing colors, setting up menus & inserting banner ads & other graphics. The aim is to generate a visually appealing & interactive design that will suit the needs of your particular audience. & unless you possess artistic skills, you would be better off outsourcing the task to a professional.

Website Development

The next step involves programming. Again, you may need to hire someone to complete this for you. It depends on the hosting provider. Some providers offer tools that you may use to instantly generate product galleries, shopping carts, login screens & other essential website parts. Also, think about whether you will need to port your site to other devices & operating systems, such as iPhones, Android smartphones & tablets.

Content Creation

A website without content is about as useless as a bucket without a bottom. Most Web users search the Web for answers to their questions. As a website owner, your task is to write informative articles that answer your potential customers questions. In the event you provide significant answers, you may be able to convert these potential clients in to loyal paying customers. This is the simplest part of beginning a website, but do not take it for granted.

Web Site Maintenance

One time your site is complete, you need to regularly maintain it by updating the design one time a year, fixing technical bugs & adding new, innovative content. Not only do you need to keep your customers interested, but you also need to keep the search engines interested as well. Unless you keep your site fresh & healthy, it ll lose clout with the engines & thus youll start to lose traffic to your site, which in turn will rip your sales in to dust

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