Friday, 13 July 2012

Comparison of Linux and windows websites

When potential purchasers approach me asking me to require over their new web site, there may well be variety of reasons why I say no—but one in all the most reasons I’ll flip employment down timely within the discussion is as a result of the location runs on a Windows server. This might sound sort of a tiny purpose to the shopper however to me, and the other developer, it’s a giant issue. Here I define the distinction between a Windows and a Linux web site.
How are they different?
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Windows and Linux are 2 totally different “platforms” for websites (there are quite simply these 2 however these are the foremost popular). that's they type the muse of the online server. designed on prime of those are different technologies that are you used run your website such programming languages, database servers and email software. though some software is out there for each platforms, usually speaking, the Windows and Linux platforms use totally different software to accomplish constant purpose. as a result of learning these technologies is such a protracted method, developers tend to travel down one route and keep on with it. Some are capable in each however can usually favor one over the opposite. Expecting a developer to be ready to work along with your Windows website once they are predominantly of a Linux background is like expecting somebody to be ready to speak fluent Portuguese simply because they will speak Spanish.
Which is better?

Neither is healthier than the opposite per Se. However, thanks to the abundance of free software for it, Linux is usually the well-liked alternative for freelancers like myself. In terms of overall popularity, Linux features a clear edge on Windows though each have a really robust following.
How to notice the correct developer

As a rule-of-thumb, I don't withstand Windows comes. The except to the current is that if they're “static” sites (pages of text and image with no database). However, when a research comes in I do my best to seek out somebody to refer the lead on to. If you've got submitted a quote to a freelancer or internet style company and that they state this as a reason, raise them if they recognize anyone else which will assist you. an honest freelancer are well-connected.

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