Thursday, 19 July 2012

Easy ways for a Designer to Earn Extra Money

There are several designers who earn further income whereas having a full-time job and most of the time this further income doesn’t even need ten hours every week.

I know plenty of designers, for each print and therefore the net, that are yearning for other ways to totally utilize their skills to earn additional. the matter is that they don’t apprehend where to start out. It’s a decent factor there are services and other people out there which will facilitate solve their issues.

Looking for a sideline?
Do you need to earn further money using your style skills however you don’t have enough time owing to your full-time job?

I’ll give five simple solutions which will get you started right this instant. Most of those solutions can solely take five hours every week to accomplish, i do know you have got the talent to try to to it.

1. Write Tutorials and Tips

That was predictable, right? however several designers fail to comprehend that this will be a really lucrative sideline. each designer i do know has their own portfolio,but not everybody uses it to their advantage.

See, the factor here is that you just will really use your finished work and build a tutorial concerning how you accomplished them. plenty of style blogs are terribly willing to just accept tutorials and would positively acquire them, some even paying up to $200 counting on the standard. And it solely needs a basic rationalization of the steps you took to complete the project. likelihood is that, if you created it, you may positively savvy to elucidate the method.

Do you have some styles you would like to indicate off? Why not send us an email concerning it and we’ll name creating a tutorial out of it! It will be a print style for a brochure, a sleek business card, net interface, net parts, logos, and plenty additional. It won’t hurt to do, right?

By the way, are you blogging yet?

2. Write and Sell eBooks

If you have got enough patience, you'll specialize in one topic and write an eBook concerning it. similar to what we tend to did with 1WD’s 3 eBooks! the good factor concerning selling eBooks is that when you’ve written and released it if you have got marketed it well-enough, you’ll soon have a passive income that you just can fancy till the top of time!

1WD’s eBooks earned quite $1,000 in its initial month  and we’re solely doing minimal selling for them! Imagine if you wrote your own eBook concerning colours, style theories or a way to style a web site, what proportion may you create whereas operating your day job?

It is not a straightforward task, since you may got to write a whole eBook by yourself. you'll additionally explore for a partner, of course!

Have you checked our eBooks page? You’ll see 3 awesome videos there. we are able to assist you do this too, for free. Yep! You browse that right. For free. How? See below!

3. manufacture Video Guides

Not everyone seems to be designed for writing, thus why not attempt manufacturing video guides? It works identical approach as eBooks, however it involves you talking and teaching your techniques to individuals. How will or not it's profitable? It’s really simple:

you'll be able to produce an introductory video to a course or tutorial that solely members can access in full.
 you'll additionally use a video guide to sell a product, which might be print templates that you just featured on the video or one thing else.
 you'll additionally flip these video guides into lead generation. Who knows, you would possibly pique the interest of somebody who’s yearning for a designer!

4. Sell Templates

If you’re a designer I’m pretty positive that at some purpose in your career you have got landed at Themeforest or Graphicriver. Browse around and you may see that individuals really sell their PSDs and every one styles of templates in those markets.

“But you said it'll solely take around ten hours every week, and that i need my weekends to count,” is what you're most likely thinking. this can be the rationale why, as a designer, you must continuously carry a sketchpad, despite how little, and a pencil. Seriously. Then throughout your lunch break you'll sketch many lines here and there, or whereas on the bus on your approach home. the thought is you wish to capture each concept pops into your mind.

5. Partner with a Developer

There are designers who love operating alone with their heads wrapped in headphones, then there are those that work higher with some other person. If you're the latter, then you would possibly need to search out a like-minded developer who will convert your art into operating WordPress Themes and sell them to totally different marketplaces. nice designer and a good developer will certainly find yourself with a piece of art!

I’m being an optimist here. after all you can’t try this by merely dedicating ten hours of your week. This desires higher commitment, however the come back is extremely nice.

You may additionally partner with a developer and each write a book, or perhaps refer one another to some purchasers. In fact, it's a requirement that you just ought to have a decent developer friend, and vice versa!
In Closing

There are some ways a designer will earn further income and by dedicating a minimum of ten hours every week it'd yield a really smart outcome. All of the choices I listed on top of, excluding writing for blogs, generate passive income and during this busy and confusing world, everybody desires passive income!

So, begin dedicating a minimum of ten hours of your week (you decide how you slice the pie) and set up ahead for your future. Money, money, money!

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