Saturday, 14 July 2012

Principle to be Followed for Website Designing

In web design industry it takes so much more than just using HTML tags on the web pages. The following principles will unveil the fundamental rules of creating effective and attractive website designs.

Balance. One of the basic principles which is important in web designing is balance. It is the balance that distributes the light among heavy objects on the site. Balance actually determines how effective the layout will be and how the things will work together on the site. Bear in mind, that dark and big elements make the website look heavier than lighter objects. OK, so how can you balance the design? There are three ways to do that.
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  • asymmetrical balance – this type of balance is quite challenging to achieve because there are no matching elements across the central line;
  • off-balance – it is the design that implies more action and motion;
  • symmetrical balance is achieved by evenly placing elements on the site.

Contrast. Often times when people hear the word “contrast” they instantly associate it with the color. But in reality it’s much more than just a difference in color. The contrast can be in shapes and sizes. What the contrast is actually tailored to do is to put an emphasis on element difference in the web design. Being wisely applied it can help you to attract more customers to the website. The contract can be achieved in four possible ways:
  1. usage of contrasting colors;
  2. placing links on the site;
  3. changing the fonts;
  4. the different size of images and other elements.

Accentuation. It’s a well known fact that in order to draw someone’s attention it’s important to put the right emphases on the site. But sure enough, you cannot accentuate on everything there because the effect would be very ambiguous. As a web designer you need to accentuate on the items according to the based hierarchy. With professional accentuation you can make the elements which are worth attention stand out from the rest in your website design.

Consistency. It’s essential to be able to keep the same elements together and dissimilar items apart. That’s the main idea of a consistent website design. The repetition of certain elements can create a recognizable pattern for the customers and make the site look totally consistent.

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