Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tips to Recover from Google Penguin

“How to live through over optimization (aka Google Penguin Update)” has been a giant question for everybody who was allegedly hit by Google’s wrath on April twenty four, 2012 when Google released their major algorithm update in a shot to decrease the amount of spam sites flooding the search results. sadly, the Penguin Update didn't solely have an effect on the over-optimized spammy sites, however it conjointly hit smart sites that had relevant content that happened to be ‘SEO-rich’. SEOs have come back up with a listing of strategic changes that, once implemented, will facilitate to live through Penguin. Here are four white hat recommendations on a way to restore your rankings on SERPs (search engine results pages) if you’ve been negatively full of over optimization:

1. Avoid Using Optimized Anchor Text

One of the foremost outstanding changes that may facilitate to live through Penguin is to avoid using over-optimized anchor-text (e.g. if we have a tendency to promote www.some.com.au, rather than forever using “car deals,” we are able to use numerous mixtures of the anchor text and take a look at to include the brand, e.g. “Ford cars”).

2. Avoid Unrelated Site wide Back links

Site wide back links (e.g. footer or sidebar links) that don't essentially add price to users (e.g. your automotive website is obtaining a site wide back link from the blog that's concerning recipes) will hurt your site. several internet style firms when building a web site, place a web site wide link “Web style by Company Name” within the footer of the new site. This observe could currently have a negative impact as a results of the Penguin Update.

Sometimes it's tough to work out that back links really hurt your web site, and oftentimes, it's not possible for webmasters to vary the back links on third party sites. There are talks that Google could introduce a link disavow tool to permit webmasters to distance themselves from unhealthy neighborhoods/links. whereas Google has not launched this disavow links tool nonetheless, Bing has already done it. If you have got management over your spammy back links, you must take away them ASAP. SEO Moz has printed a pleasant blog post covering the story of how WPMU.org has recovered from the Penguin Update primarily by removing site wide links and optimized anchor text.

3. close up On-Page Spam

Oftentimes, web site house owners might not notice that their sites may need been spammed and hence stand solid possibilities of losing rankings on Google when the Penguin Update. Here is what you‘d wish to avoid:

    “Thin” content. If your content lacks substance and is supposed just for ranking functions, then modification it.
    Keyword stuffing. If identical term (or keyword) seems half-dozen times each one hundred words, is that natural, or a shot to control search engine rankings?
    Cloaking. If your users read one thing completely different than what the search engines see, it’s known as cloaking, and Google has hated that for years. Don’t do it!
    Hosting paid links. If you savors selling links on your web site, then you may be in bother. whereas there’s a full trade engineered around it, Google still loathes it.

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