Monday, 16 July 2012

Website Designing with Server Security

The amount of internet sites being hacked is rising dramatically. Hackers are able to install software which will get your website banned from Google and expose your data to cyber criminals. selecting an applicable internet hosting supplier ought to be a high priority for anyone trying to induce a web site up and running or moved to a safer hosting facility.

One question that's being asked over any other; Is is safe to host my web site overseas? Overseas hosting will generally provide low costs, and this can be typically their targeted selling strategy, however generally these lower costs are a mirrored image of lower standards of quality and security.
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If you're trying to host your website overseas then one in every of the challenges you're absolute to face is that the problem of client support. If the hosting is provided in another country there could arise challenges in communication, language-barriers, misunderstandings, and also the challenge of fixing your hosting to a different hosting supplier – that has been problematic for several web site house owners within the past. The speed of your web site also will be an element, the nearer to the server your purchasers are, then the faster access they're going to got to their website.

If you're currently thinking of fixing your hosting from a remote company back to a brand new Zealand company, we've got a couple of tips for you to stay in mind ;

    Keep your existing hosting account open till you've got completed the changeover. can this may make sure that your web site and any email accounts will still be active throughout the changeover.

    Have a back-up of your website data and files. this might be a retardant if all the files are located with a bunch company overseas.

    Once you've got modified to a brand new supplier, you'll build the mandatory domain name changes, or if you've got switched to an organization like us, we might do that for you.

Here’s a few things to bear in mind of which will become traps for web site house owners ;

    Don’t fall for gimmicks just like the promise of free Domain names – domain names aren't free. once you register for a site name a registration fee is needed by the domain registry, which supplies you the correct to use the domain name for the length of the term you've got registered for. select an organization which will offer hosting and additionally take responsibility for your domain name renewal – while not that your website would go down.

    Don’t believe an organization who guarantees unlimited cupboard space. No internet hosting company will offer this, there's invariably a limit to the house accessible however customers don’t, beyond doubt, want an enormous quantity of disk house.

    Don’t compromise your web website obtaining cheaper hosting by putting up with ads plastered throughout your site. Sites with click-through adverts are the foremost targeted by hackers, and also the adverts are a distraction and aversion for potential purchasers, unless they need some relevancy to the context.

At  our websites are hosted on our own secure server and that we use industry-standard security measures to safeguard client data from misuse, damage, disaster and/or the alteration of content. This includes 128-bit security encryption and also the our use of a secure server. Our server is found in an exceedingly 24-hour alarmed and monitored secure space,  giving hosting and domain registration services as a fanatical business unit.

We would wish to instil confidence in our secure, New Zealand based mostly servers, and uniquely secure CMS platform that we've got developed and evolved over the past 5 years. There are lots of CMS platforms out there, ours is exclusive as a result of it's been created by us, completely for our shopper base, and because it isn't publicly accessible there are not any viruses for it.

Benefits of using Activate style for your internet hosting service ;
  1. Maintain quick loading speeds for brand new Zealand and Australian based mostly audiences.
  2. Keep your web site content and client knowledge safe.
  3. Get alerted to suspicious activity.
  4. Be able to make a copy your web site and be able to simply restore it.
  5. Avoid obtaining blacklisted.
  6. Avoid your customers inadvertently downloading and running malicious files from your website if it gets infected.
  7. Avoid malicious files like viruses, Trojans, spyware etc. from utterly compromising your website, requiring a whole rebuild.
  8. Avoid viruses out there that are programmed to disrupt the service and operation of websites, and to gather data, like customers sensitive knowledge which will result in loss of privacy, enable unauthorized access, and cause major disruption.

  • Be simply able to update your web site using our C.M.S. (Content Management System).
  • Have management to be able to edit content / add product yourself.
  • Establish a high rank on search engines using our S.E.O. Services.

We offer our services each nationwide and overseas, therefore please be at liberty to contact us relating to the secure hosting of your web site, at our trusted and experienced web site style & development, hosting, graphic style and print management company. Take a glance at our internet style portfolio here.

If you've got a website that has been hacked then you recognize the results of not guaranteeing your site is safely located on a secure server. If your web site is hacked it is non-operational for an extended periods of your time whereas it's either shifted to a brand new server or needs a whole re-build on a safer CMS (Content Management System) platform. forestall this from happening by selecting a reputable, experienced company for your secure, trusted internet hosting, style and development.

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