Friday, 3 August 2012

Mobile Website Development Best Practices

As any software development, mobile isn't the exception for rules to follow to possess usable, confident, stable and scalable mobile applications. Those rules may well be avoided, however It may end in disaster, thus within the following article we tend to are about to describe some mobile smart practices.

What to possess in mind?

We should grasp that we tend to are developing for mobile devices. Their characteristics are:
  1. Low power devices.
  2. Low processing.
  3. Completely different screen sizes.

Good practices

As any software we must always have organized and documented code, as a result of we'd like to be ready scale quick, as a result of It’s a world that's changing when. within the following paragraphs, I’m about to describe some smart practices to follow that I identified on my expertise.
  1. Develop for various Screen sizes.
  2. Minimum use of battery.
  3. Live the appliance storage.

Limited Battery

Maybe It’s the foremost vital issue, as a result of the mobile devices have continually had this limit, though these days we've got nice advances, additionally we've got additional and additional processing capability and It needs additional power. for this want reason we'd like to avoid the excessive processing for the device, use the GPS at minimum and check out to use low distinction colors.
Processing capability

Try to use at minimum the processor. generally is best to relinquish this task to an external server and communicate with this with web services.
Variable dimensions

The answer for this is: responsive style. after you develop for mobile, you're developing for various screen size, thus take care to use the tools to form application while not absolute positions and sizes

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