Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Google Penguin Update Impact on SEO’s and Webmasters

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The Google Penguin update has upset several SEO homeowners and webmasters who are quite somewhat irritated at the search engine giant’s regularly tightening management over content in a shot to enforce their “Do No Evil” policy.

The main 2 points of competition are how the Penguin Update changes address anchor text diversity and link relevancy.

Penguin’s Impact on Anchor Text Diversity


Paid text links that use actual match anchor texts, guest posting on disreputable sites, mass commenting, article selling and links from fraudulent or dangerous sites are the practices that are presumably to be laid low with Google’s Penguin Update.

Since the modification, anchor text diversity is currently crucial for SEO’s and webmasters to pay specific attention to. Website’s that have a high proportion of suspected anchor texts that are used primarily for optimization functions are being subjected to investigation that is making throngs of angry web marketers who are speaking out.

According to Micro web site Masters, the websites who experienced the largest decline in ranking as a results of the Penguin Update were those who were using “Money Keywords” or “Grossly Optimized Anchor Texts” in a minimum of sixty fifth of their inbound links.

The site’s that weren't affected were those that had  “Money Keywords” or “Grossly Optimized Anchor Texts” but five hundredth of the time and had a a lot of “organic” or “natural” showing back link profile.

What several marketers are concluding and still be upset regarding is that the indisputable fact that the Penguin Update looks to be targeting patterns that Google suspects as being link spam and is automatically applying penalties to the sites using these linking practices. 

What is conjointly horrifying to some SEO homeowners and webmasters is that the threat that competitors can seize the chance the Penguin update presents to attack a web site by directing unhealthy links via a weaker link profile.

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Penguin’s Impact on Link Relevancy.

Micro web site Masters conjointly concluded that the Penguin Update was conjointly penalizing sites that had fewer incoming links from domains within the same “Niche”.

What Google is saying to SEO homeowners and webmasters with this update is that {they can|they're going to|they'll} hit sites with irrelevant links from unworthy domains with penalties that in flip will have an effect on their ranking.

Google’s Penguin Update is additionally creating it clear to web marketers that a web site that pulls quality links from reputable domains inside the same niche is functioning inside their policy and is so thought-about “relevant” and can not be subjected to investigation.

What Marketers are Angry regarding

The primary operate of Google’s latest algorithm modification is to forestall internet spam from low-quality domains creeping into their search results.

However, what several marketers are finding unacceptable is that by Google defining spam with such broad brush strokes they're in essence monopolizing search engine results and undercutting several businesses ability to effectively compete during a highly competitive, ever-changing and volatile web marketplace.

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