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Advantages of a Computerized Payroll Management System

Employers wont to have to be compelled to accept a manual payroll system, a system that's done utterly by hand and may lead to a high rate of error. A pc based mostly payroll system although, particularly one at associate degree external payroll company, is capable of simplifying your payroll system while not you having to try to to any work.

Accuracy in Time

One of the simplest options of a payroll computer code is that it's capable of correct activity by integration with the activity system. With a clock, associate degree employee’s in and out times will be transferred to the payroll computer code mechanically. This frees the payroll person from having to stay track of everyone’s times by hand and that they don’t have to be compelled to calculate something by hand. Times will be emended by the pc system if required.


Electronic choices

Manual payroll systems solely use paper checks for a payment methodology, however in today’s digital world, it’s to a small degree quaint and may be associate degree inconvenience for a few. A processed payroll system permits for each paper checks and electronic payment strategies or direct deposit, that permits employers to deliver workers wages on to their bank accounts. {this is|this is often|this will be} a cash saver as checks don’t have to be compelled to be bought and printing provides can be shrink on. Direct deposit conjointly helps workers out as a result of they don’t have to be compelled to drive to urge their payroll check, then drive to the bank to deposit it or money it.

Simplified process

A processed payroll system permits for complete and straightforward payroll process. All the leader or payroll person would have to be compelled to do is enter the necessary worker information such as:
  1. Pay rate
  2. Pay frequency
  3. Tax information: Filing standing and range of allowances
  4. Tax deductions: Health premiums and 401(k) contributions

A processed system will then calculate the wages and deductions looking on the knowledge inputted and this protects the payroll person (or company) from having to try to to it. this protects time and cash, not like a manual system wherever this could take abundant time. the sole issue is that the payroll person will have to be compelled to verify the ultimate numbers. this permits them to form any changes if any errors appear.

Record Keeping, Taxes and edges chase

A payroll system will generate and permit associate degree leader to print the mandatory tax documents for his or her company and so file them with the mandatory agencies. A processed payroll system also can have a feature that permits associate degree hour person to stay track of vacation, sick and private time taken by workers.

One of the simplest and most significant options of a processed payroll system but, is its ability to save lots of records for associate degree indefinite quantity of your time. this could be necessary if associate degree leader is audited. It will keep a replica of all transactions that occur within the system and every one records area unit simple to retrieve. Another sort of record that a payroll system keeps area unit personnel files that may be simply retrieved if associate degree leader has to realize one. this can be easier than having to travel through multiple folders and papers making an attempt to seek out someone’s info.

An external payroll company will save associate degree leader the trouble and time it'd fancy maintain and run a processed payroll system because it will lookout of the maintenance and lookout of the payroll. This simplifies their payroll system and is one less worry on their plate as they run and maintain their business.

HRMS Payroll and Attendance Management System

Automated Payroll System

Datum Data Hosur is Launching Payroll and Attendance management System, which is to be automated completely. you will get complete set installed  at free of cost, like Biometric machines, RF Card an employees and executives input.  Monthly report of attendance with wages, E.S.I, P.F, etc will be provided at requested date every month.

Advantages of HRMS Software Solutions 

  1. Reduces Human Error
  2. Reduces Man Power
  3. Eliminates Time Delay
  4. Increase work efficiency

Reduces Human Error 

The Calculations of wages, esi etc.. will be accurate and instant when required. since these calculation are done by the software with pre-defined formulas, which can be edited later at any required moment.

Reduces Man Power

The employee who is been recruited to do operations like payroll, esi, Accounts etc... can be dropped out of job, where all these work would be done by your software and services.

Eliminates Time Delay

Since software is doing all the work the report and result you needed will be delivered within matter of minutes when ever required with perfect and accurate calculations.

Increase work efficiency

Since you get the desired data in your desired format instantly work process can be made easy and which in-turn will increase your employees work time and efficiency resulting in higher productivity

 Pricing and Procedures

For Pricing and procedures contact us at Datum Data Software and Services

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Software Development approach and Process as we do

The way we do the Development in Datum Data

India is that the world's second largest bourgeois of software package, and is accountable for the management and technical talent for over forty per cent of latest start-ups in geographic area. Technology services comes naturally to USA and nowadays IT services forms the one in all the most important contributor to the Indian GDP, particularly from the services sector. To specifically purpose of the benefits of offshore outsourcing to India.
Benefits of outsourcing software projects to Datum Data
Benefits to get software from Datum Data

Cost Benefits 

Organizations in developed economies are ready to attain vital value savings, in most cases around 30-40 p.c by outsourcing services to India. Our Infrastructure prices, talent prices and different operations prices square measure considerably lower and that they get passed on to the shoppers in terms of low fastened prices or hourly request rates.

Business Agility

Outsourcing your non-core IT comes and operational services makes lots of economic sense not solely owing to prices however conjointly as a result of it permits you to unencumber your internal and native talent to specialize in your market dynamics and be additional elastic and ag ile to reply to client and market changes

Quality Output

Offshore outsourcing corporations like USA, still invest in building a good talent pool and giving quality standards that may need large capital investments to be done by the companies otherwise. therefore what you get is internationally prime quality output at a fraction of the price.


The market dynamics square measure ever dynamic  associated having an outsourcing partner with you permits you to proportion services and operations at abundant lower value and in abundant less time

Access to Knowledge

India has the biggest communicative  audience when the U.S. to feature to it the constant thrust on new technology initiatives and investment in analysis and development, the outsourcing partners from India, awaken the table associate unmatched access to experience and knowledge-base
We like to have interaction profitably with our shoppers, whether or not it’s onshore or offshore. however it’s necessary to share with you the way we've been ready to with success have interaction with our outsourcing shoppers and also the legerity that we tend to awaken the table so as to attain success whereas operating with India.

There is a definite analysis of the business demand that goes into understanding the proper thanks to have interaction and it’s finished a transparent approach – to create a business model that's interdependent. there's a high level of flexibility in our approach towards and that we explore multiple ways that of engagement supported our immediate and long run goals from offshore outsourcing.
  1. Time and Material or effort primarily based cost accounting
  2. Dedicated resource or team institution
  3. Retainer model
  4. Fixed costs or consolidated project primarily based evaluation

Our outsourcing delivery model will assist you mitigate risks, usher in value reductions and enhance or meet quality expectations from the outsourcing initiative. we tend to attempt to keep it straightforward and aligned together with your business objectives. the subsequent info ought to assist you perceive however we are able to deliver on the outsourcing promise.

For comes and needs that square measure fairly well outlined and if the shoppers square measure clear regarding the interim and long run objectives that they need taken off to satisfy, then therein case the offshore delivery model is that the best thanks to act it. What it means that is that right from conceptualization to completion and relinquishment everything is completed at our development center here in India and everything is managed here also. the whole team can comprise of project manager, answer architects, style resources, development resources and quality assurance team members, all understanding of the India development center. There square measure pre-defined processes and well set out protocols that square measure followed from putting in place communication schedules at your convenient timings to staging platforms for reviewing add progress during a cooperative surroundings.

Onsite Delivery

There square measure specific needs and comes that necessitate presence of the team resources on the consumer website and need them to move and work in conjunction with the business method house owners additional closely. And there also are eventualities wherever the project scope is fluid and because of nature of the work, it's tough to quantify and scope out the project needs within the starting. Such cases need that qualified resources from Datum Data to be placed on the client’s premises. Our responsibilities can embody distinguishing the proper resources needed for the project and dealing out the formalities and also the processes to make sure that the resources square measure created accessible to figure on the consumer website

The best of each (Hybrid)

This is a mixture of each offsite and onsite delivery models, and is just like the better of each worlds, wherever value savings and maximized native connect is each achieved at an equivalent time. The offsite team works because the back-end of the onsite team wherever the onsite team can comprise of the project managers, consultants and also the high level resources whereas the execution or execution support are provided by the backup team here in India at our development center.

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