Friday, 19 July 2013

HRMS Payroll and Attendance Management System

Automated Payroll System

Datum Data Hosur is Launching Payroll and Attendance management System, which is to be automated completely. you will get complete set installed  at free of cost, like Biometric machines, RF Card an employees and executives input.  Monthly report of attendance with wages, E.S.I, P.F, etc will be provided at requested date every month.

Advantages of HRMS Software Solutions 

  1. Reduces Human Error
  2. Reduces Man Power
  3. Eliminates Time Delay
  4. Increase work efficiency

Reduces Human Error 

The Calculations of wages, esi etc.. will be accurate and instant when required. since these calculation are done by the software with pre-defined formulas, which can be edited later at any required moment.

Reduces Man Power

The employee who is been recruited to do operations like payroll, esi, Accounts etc... can be dropped out of job, where all these work would be done by your software and services.

Eliminates Time Delay

Since software is doing all the work the report and result you needed will be delivered within matter of minutes when ever required with perfect and accurate calculations.

Increase work efficiency

Since you get the desired data in your desired format instantly work process can be made easy and which in-turn will increase your employees work time and efficiency resulting in higher productivity

 Pricing and Procedures

For Pricing and procedures contact us at Datum Data Software and Services

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