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Payroll Service and Support



            Payroll Support is a service provided by Datum Data, to reduce human work and human errors in processing payroll in small and medium scale industries. This document briefs the procedures and service offered under this Payroll Support by Datum Data.


            Following are the terms/words used in this document:
·         Software: Software provided by Datum Data or software provided by any third party implemented in the equipment provided by Datum Data.
·         Equipment/Terminal: Equipments provided by Datum Data as a part of the service. Usually talks about Bio-metric machine.
·         Plug-in: Additional feature/mini-software which will be embedded with the existing software.


            Equipments will be installed in the proposed unit/location/company in free of cost, instead, customer shall pay a refundable deposit of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only) for each terminal in advance which will be returned back to customer after getting 90 days notice before termination of service.

Data Collection

            Data Collection/Data Pulling will be done once in a month as default from all terminals installed in facility. It also can be done in a specified periodical manner (e.g. Weekly, Daily) as per the customer demand which indeed will attract extra cost depend up on the actual requirement, number of equipments installed and number of employees using terminals.
Data Collection Interval
Cost/Employee/Month (in INR)

Attendance Report

            Attendance report will be generated by Datum Data according to the specifications provided by the Customer at the time of Project Discussion, which may be changed over the period of time by Customer also shall be informed to Datum Data periodically. Cost of the Attendance Report is as:
Attendance Report Interval
(in INR)

Salary Processing

            Salary processing for each employee can be done in either of 2 ways:
1.      Provided Pay Structure: Customer shall give the Pay Structure including Basic Salary, Allowances and deductions of each employees in any manner, including e-mail, documents, to Datum Data so that we will calculate the salary of each employee for the given month and will send to Customer in any communication medium including E-mail, Document format which has to be provided by Customer in prior.
2.      Confidential Pay Structure: If the Customer is not interested to provide the pay structure of employees, Datum Data, thereby, shall provide a software which can be installed in one Computer in Customer place which will take input as Attendance Report provided by Datum Data and will calculate salary for each employee in local system. Data provided to/from the software provided by  Datum Data will reside in the local computer and Datum Data will not provide any guarantee to data located in local system in case of System Crash, Data Corruption, Data Theft occurred in the Customer place.
If customer opts the first option mentioned above, Cost of Salary Processing, is Rs. 35/-(Rupees Thirty Five Only)/Employee/Month.  
If customer opts the second option mentioned above, customer shall pay sum of Rs. 15,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only) as installation charge in provided computer for one time. Re-installation of software will attract extra charge depending up on the situation of data recovery (if needed) and changing system.

Hardware Replacement

In case of any damage to any of the equipment provided by Datum Data, shall be reported immediately, and the damaged equipment will be replaced within 24 business hours. Cost of damage/repair assessed by Datum Data shall be collected from Customer.

Software Up-gradation

            In case of any extra feature needed by the Customer, customer can send Customization Request to Datum Data. In that case, those new requirements will be considered as Change Request by Customer and cost of the customization will be discussed before starting the Customization processes.

Software Update

            Software provided by Datum Data is subjected to be Updated/Patched from time to time at free of cost. Changes/Features included in the provided patch will be submitted to Customer on demand.

Online Backup

            Additionally, Customer can opt for the online back-up system provided by Datum Data. In which, the sensitive data of Salary Processing & calculations, Attendance Reports, etc., will be stored in the Datum Data’s proposed Web server, so that customer can import them in to their software at any time through the plug-in given in the Software provided by Datum Data. Cost of online back-up service is as follows:
(in INR)
10 MB
100 MB
250 MB


            All payments mentioned above in this document except Software Up-gradation and Hardware Replacement shall be paid within 10th of every month for current running month as pre-paid.

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